Microgeophagus Ramirezi
German Blue Ram Cichlid

    Microgeophagus Ramirezi, German Blue Ram Cichlid

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  • Max Size:


  • Temperament:


  • Water Temperature:


  • Diet:


  • Min. Tank Size:

    20 Gal.

  • Description:

    The German Blue Ram or Microgeophagus Ramirezi is the most popular dwarf cichlid found in the aquarium hobby today. In the wild they can be found in the llanos savannahs of Venezuela and Colombia. They feature metallic blue color with gold on their head and behind their gills. They have a black spot on their side and red on their fins. Some color may vary between specimens and some may not show a black spot. There is also a gold and an electric blue color morph of the German Blue Ram.

  • Compatibility:

    German Blue Rams are very peaceful cichlids that mix well with other peaceful community fish. They should not be kept with highly active fish like Tiger Barbs and other larger or more aggressive fish. If picked on by other fish, they may shy away and hide. They can be kept with Angelfish, and other peaceful dwarf cichlids like Bolivian Rams, Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlids, and Kribensis.

  • Tank Requirements and Feeding:

    Their tank should mimic their natural habitat as much as possible. Minimum tank size is 20 gallons but should be larger if they are kept in a community tank. Aquarium water should be warm (78-85°F) and slightly acidic (pH5). There should be an open swimming area and plenty of plants and rocks or caves for hiding places.

    German Blue Rams will accept a wide range of commercial flakes and live foods. You should feed them a variety of flakes, cichlid pellets and live or frozen blood worms to bring out their brightest colors.

  • Breeding:

    German Blue Rams are a sexually dimorphic species of cichlid. Males feature a longer extended dorsal fin and are larger than females. Females tend to have a lot more pink color in their belly and a metallic blue sheen over their black spot.

    German Blue Ram cichlids will form monogamous pairs that will mate for life. Once paired up, males will chase other males away. When spawning the female will lay her adhesive eggs on a flat surface and both parents will defend the eggs. The eggs will hatch after about 40 hours and both parents will protect the fry.